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For years Sorrow wandered the lands aimlessly, growing ever tired of the dust and the solitude.

Sorrow tried to speak with the Night, but the Night was always busy and bantering away.

So Sorrow tried to mingle with the Day, but the Day was too bright, and far too long.

Sorrow had felt most comfortable in the company of Twilight, but Twilight was always flirting with Time, and before Sorrow knew it, they were both gone.

And then one day, Sorrow came upon the Sea.

Gazing out at the Sea’s vast and endless majesty, Sorrow became uncertain for the very first time.

So Sorrow sat up on a dune and pretended to look for something familiar up in the Sky.

The Sea then noticed Sorrow’s doubt and slowly began rolling her waves up the shore toward Sorrow.


“Tell me your story,” she whispered, “and I will tell you mine…”

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